Hi, thanks for wanting to know who the girl behind the camera is. I am very happy you are here!

I am German, also American but nationalities don’t really matter to me. Mallorca is where my heart is. I live here with my tattoo artist husband and 2 year old son who we named after a great adventurer. We have been married for 10 years and are planning a trip to Japan to celebrate. A good day starts with a giggly baby, sunshine and a nice cup of coffee, and a great day ends with friends and family gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories and a homemade meal. I am vegan and love to cook. 80s New Wave gets me dancing. I am easy to talk to and love meeting new people and hearing their story. I believe in soul mates, life-changing journeys and trusting your gut. I am photographer and a wanderer through this big adventure called life. The camera is my tool to tell the stories I find.

My photography has always been driven by the desire to create something lasting. Something of importance. Even if it is only important to one person. A photograph is so much more than pixels and kilobytes. It’s a way to remember the special people and moments in our lives and celebrate our personal highlights. A window back in time. A photograph enables us to relive those moments and all of the sudden just by looking at a picture we can feel, hear and smell all the details. It is so fascinating to me how a single photo can bring back so many memories. That is why I adore taking wedding photos so much. They are special and a true reminder that we are loved.

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June 8-12 | Provence, France
June 14-21 | Switzerland
August TBA | Berlin, Germany
November | Dallas, USA

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photo © Jose Villa

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