Allison & David Craver, Dallas, USA

“We just can’t say enough good things about her! The wedding itself was such a whirlwind that having the perfect pictures to remember the day is priceless and we owe that all to Maria. She was punctual, professional, and most importantly, the pictures were better than we could have ever imagined. She captured everything about our wedding to perfection.”



Katharine & Jamal, Calgary, Canada

“As with any wedding, an immense amount of emotion, thought, and effort went into ours. The day came and went, leaving us with full bellies, deeper laugh lines, and profoundly touched by the manifest love between us, our families, and our friends. It seemed that time ought to have slowed to allow us to soak in the revelry, but time slows for no man, regardless of how we beseech her!

Fortunately, Maria was there. Her stunning photography has preserved memories that would otherwise inevitably have faded, with each image serving as a time machine that transports us back to a particular moment from that extraordinary day. Her seemingly effortless talent behind the lens is equaled by her kind, serene nature – the combination of which allows her to access and capture the veiled intimacy that exists between a couple, as well as the deep love that ties them to those who share in their wedding day.

Our hope in choosing a wedding photographer was that we would come away with one photograph that would encapsulate the beauty of our bond; Maria delivered hundreds. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maria!”

Sevilla Wedding Photographer


Padmaja & Luke Tehan, New York, USA

“Maria is an amazing wedding photographer and we could not recommend her more highly.  We had 3 wedding events and asked her to join for all of them.  We love the photographs she took – the colours, the vibrancy and the composition.  In addition, she was so easy to be around – kind, calm and with a lovely demeanour.  This really helped given the stresses of organising a wedding.  Our family also commented on how much they liked her.  In addition, Maria is extremely professional – she stayed late when events ran behind schedule, was conscious of what we wanted from the photographs and refused to accept payment until after the first day.  We dealt with many suppliers in Mallorca and she was among the most qualified and gracious.”



Apryl & Jon Daily, Dallas, USA

“As a wedding photographer myself, choosing someone to capture the moments of our wedding day was a first priority. Knowing who’s work I already loved I planned to meet with a few select photographers. Maria was the only one we met with. The minute we met with her til the end of our wedding day, we felt so comfortable and creative around her. We knew she would be able to capture us being ourselves and see the important details of our day. Not to mention her photographs are out of this world beautiful.”

Dallas Arboretum Wedding Photographer


Colleen & Paul Krasilnick, Charleston, USA

“Maria is amazing and easy to work with. She has an eye for details that other photographers do not have. She captured special moments that we will cherish for years to come and all of her images are beautiful! Highly recommend her!”



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